2 Reasons To Utilize A Financial Advisor


A financial advisor is a good resource to consider utilizing due to the fact that they are able to assist you when it comes to planning for any major life goals or large purchases. Listed below are two reasons to utilize a financial advisor to help you manage your finances and investments.

Will Create A Financial Plan Specifically For Your Individual Goals

One of the biggest reasons to utilize a financial advisor is that they will be able to create a financial plan specifically for your individual goals. In most cases, a financial advisor will be required to undergo training in order to be able to determine which investments are most suitable for the various goals and risk tolerances of their clients.

For example, if an individual is looking to make a major life purchase in a relatively short amount of time, the financial advisor will present a series of investments and plans that will include riskier investments simply because those investments will potentially have a higher rate of return in the short term.  However, if an individual is planning for an event later in their life, such as retirement or a college education for one of their young children, then the financial advisor will recommend less risky investments that have a lower rate of return because the money will have a higher chance of being there when the client actually needs it and there is enough of a time buffer to allow the investments to mature.

Will Review Possible New Investments For You

Another reason to utilize a financial advisor is that they will be willing to review possible new investments on your behalf in order to determine if those investments are a good idea for you and your financial future. For example, if a family member or friend approaches you with an investment or business idea, the financial advisor will be able to look over the investment and let you know if he or she would recommend it based on how risky it can be and the impact it would have on some of your other long-term goals.

This can also apply to large purchases, such as a home. In that situation, the financial advisor can look at the size of the house, the interest rate on the mortgage, and the monthly mortgage payments in order to help you decide if the house is a good deal for you and how purchasing that home may actually help or hinder some of your other goals, such as being able to retire early.

Contact a financial advisor at companies like Harwood Financial Group to discuss the many benefits that working with them can provide and how they may be able to help you plan for the future. You will want to utilize a financial advisor because they will create a financial plan specifically for your individual goals and review possible new investments for you in order to ensure that they are suitable.


18 August 2017

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