Instances Where A Financial Planner May Be Beneficial To Your Money-Saving Tactics


If you are finding it is difficult to save money for the future and you are not quite sure how to go about increasing the savings you've set aside, you may have considered using a financial adviser to help with this process. Taking the step in obtaining this type of help is not always done immediately as many have doubts about whether they really need this type of help or if they should continue to work on their own at saving what they need to survive later in life. Here are some instances where it is a good idea to take the step in calling a financial adviser to help construct a solid plan for money-saving.

Getting Married Or Having A Baby

Weddings and births are both joyous occasions; however, they each signify an increase in money spending. These are both times when a financial adviser may make sense. When you marry, there is a potential joining of two paychecks as well as two sets of debt. You will need to decide if it is more beneficial to keep your monetary tasks separate or if it would be better for investment purposes to merge them together. 

When you have a child, you will want to consider changing insurance options. You'll need to think about your estate and want to have a supply of money on hand in case of emergencies. Your financial adviser will look at your financial situation and help you plan for unexpected expenses in addition to helping you invest for college for your child if desired. An adviser will help you determine how many people to claim on your income taxes in an attempt to save money that receives an interest rate rather than just getting a return at the end of the filing season.

Purchasing A Large Ticket Item Or Opening A Business

If you are in the market for a new home, want a new vehicle, or are going to be opening your own business shortly, a financial adviser can help you in determining how much money you can comfortably spend without getting yourself into debt because of the purchase. They will take a look at your current financial status and present you with scenarios in how much you will be allocating to your expensive item after it is purchased. 

When you start a business, your financial adviser will determine whether you would be better off with a long-term loan to keep payments at a lower amount as your business gets off the ground, or if you have the money available to pay more per month in an attempt to pay it off quicker. If you have money saved, they will advise you on what amount to use as a down payment so you do not short change yourself later if you aren't making the profit you desire.


10 October 2016

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My name is Eva, and I have been a personal investment adviser for the past 15 years. I have helped many clients wisely invest their money, and I want to give you some tips I have picked up along the way. Many people discount the use of CDs in investments, and I believe that this is a mistake. Financial professionals agree that CD rates are going to rise, and you can take advantage of that now. This blog will tell you how to find CDs with the best rates, how to build a CD ladder for investment purposes, and why CDs can be better than a savings account.